Student Athlete Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Franciscan University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting leadership opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare and fostering a positive student-athlete image.

It is the further purpose of the SAAC to promote the moral, spiritual, and religious values of its athletes, in accordance with the mission of Franciscan University. To accomplish this mission, the SAAC upholds the rules, regulations, policies, and image of both the NCAA and Franciscan University.

2018-19 SAAC Representatives


Class Year


Liam Galligan - President Sophomore Men's Cross Country & Men's Track and Field
Kevin Herrmann - Vice Preseident Junior Men's Soccer
Carly McDonald - Vice President Senior Women's Lacrosse
John Noce Junior Men's Basketball
Joe Schriner Junior Men's Basketball
Gaby De Jesus Senior Women's Basketball
Rose Judge Junior Women's Basketball
Mark Borek Sophomore Men's Cross Country
Grace Galligan Senior Women's Cross Country
Kara Shaugnessy Senior Women's Cross Country
Danny McCartney Senior Men's Lacrosse
Jerome Harkins Sophomore Men's Lacrosse
Margaret McKee Freshman Women's Lacrosse
PJ Ernst Junior Rugby
Gabe Iacoviello Sophomore Rugby
Leo James Senior Men's Soccer
Caroline Burns Junior Women's Soccer
Emily Wieszczek Senior Women's Soccer
Amanda Pulice Senior Softball
Kathleen Thompson Junior Softball
Meaghan McCoy Senior Swimming & Diving
Bernadette DiMaria Senior Swimming & Diving
Stephen Bolster Sophomore Men's Tennis
Walter Matt Senior Men's Tennis
Gracie Hammel Junior Women's Tennis
Julia Razook Senior Women's Tennis
Gina Mannino Sophomore Women's Track & Field
Rachel Solomon Sophomore Women's Track & Field
Maria Ciola Senior Volleyball
Sarah Murgia Senior Volleyball


Advisor - Br. Nate Meckey, TOR