How to Become a Student-Athlete

The Intercollegiate Athletics Program at Franciscan University offer Students-Athletes the opportunity to compete in intercollegiate sports at a high level while focusing on the integration of sports and spirituality. Franciscan’s affiliation with the NCAA, the AMCC, and ECAC give Student-Athletes the possibility for a very high level of competition against institutions from around the country.




Franciscan University is committed to upholding the NCAA Division III rules and regulations. Click here to find out more.


In order to be a part of the Intercollegiate program, preparation and planning must be taken by the prospective student-athlete. Below is a list of resources to get started.


1. Eligibility

Per NCAA Bylaw 14.2, a student-athlete has a total of 10 semesters to complete 4 seasons of intercollegiate participation in any one sport.

In addition, Franciscan University requires that the following criteria are met in order to participate:

a.  Must maintain full-time status during the season (12 credit minimum for undergrad, 9 credit for grad)

b.  Must maintain a minimum of 2.0 cumulative GPA

c.  Must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements after the end of each academic year

For specific eligibility questions, contact Jim Walker, Coordinator of Compliance at (740)284-3745 or

2. Contact Admissions or a Head Coach

As a first step on your way to being a Baron, please feel free to contact the Franciscan admission department at (800)783-6226, or visit the admissions website.

To contact a coach, call (740)283-6313, or for a complete list of athletic department staff, visit the athletics directory.

3. Apply to Franciscan University of Steubenville

To apply to Franciscan University, call (800)783-6226, or visit the online application site.


4. Pre-Participation Forms

Pre-participation forms are the required forms necessary to try out or practice for a varsity sport.  

Due Dates for Each Sport (2018-19 Academic Year):

Season Due Date
Fall - Traditional (MSOC, WSOC, RUG, VBALL, XC, WTEN) July 1, 2018
WS&D & Fall - Non-Traditional (SB, MLAX, WLAX, MTEN) TBA
Winter Late Arrivals (MBBALL, WBBALL) TBA
WTEN & Spring Traditional (SB, MLAX, WLAX, MTF, WTF, MTEN, RUG) TBA
Spring Non-Traditional (VBALL, MSOC, WSOC) TBA







Step 1:

Follow this link - 

Open these instructions:

The Physical Exam Form must be completed by a physician - PHYSICAL FORM

The other forms must be filled out by the student-athlete (and parent(s) or guardian(s) if applicable)

5. Participation Fee

In order to participate in intercollegiate sports at Franciscan University, there is an athletic participation fee of $185.00 per sport, per academic year. This fee assists in deferring the costs of running a varsity athletics program. 


6. Commit to the Team

Let the head coach know of your intent to be a member of the team.


Compliance For Boosters and Donors (Download)