Franciscan University Department of Athletics
Mission Statement

The Department of Athletics is an integral part of the entire Franciscan University educational experience. Franciscan has embraced a philosophy that a well-rounded athletics program including intercollegiate, intramural, recreational sports as well as wellness programming should be offered as a part of it's educational mission. The purpose of athletics is to assist students in obtaining a well-rounded education consistent with the University's liberal arts, philosophy and Franciscan tradition.

Franciscan University is committed to the principle of firm institutional control of athletics, and to the unquestioned integrity of its athletic programs. Those individuals responsible for the athletic program are expected to foster and maintain the values and the goals associated with the mission of the university as an institution of higher education.

As a Catholic University, Franciscan is committed to traditional Catholic values that have been a part of the University's history. These include the development of the human spirit as well as the body, the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors, the fostering of Christian character, the call to personal integrity and the acceptance of personal responsibility.

In keeping with this belief, the Department of Athletics supports fair play, the concept of amateur athletics, and cultivates the qualities of leadership, teamwork and a sense of community. The purpose of athletics is to provide competitive opportunities to students which foster physical, spiritual, social and emotional benefits along with a sense of sportsmanship.

Value Statements 

  • We aid in creating a faith-centered environment that both educates and mentors the concept of continued personal conversion.
  • We respect and understand the personal worth of each student and help nurture the diversity that exists within the campus community.
  • We recognize that no responsibility exceeds the mission of educating and graduating the student athletes.
  • We mirror the academic challenge given to our student-athletes by offering an equally challenging athletic experience at the Division III level.
  • We ensure that the varsity student athletes are integrated to all facets of campus life.
  • We use Finnegan Fieldhouse and its recreational components to promote interaction between students, faculty and staff.
  • We offer intramural and recreational opportunities to promote interaction between students, faculty and staff.
  • We recognize the importance of providing equitable opportunities for both men and women.
  • We promote the values of honesty, commitment, hard work, dedication and self-sacrifice.
  • We recognize the integral role that athletics plays in providing unity, high morale, and spirit among students, employees, alumni and friends.