Twenty Saves from Ruhe not Enough for Lady Barons

Twenty Saves from Ruhe not Enough for Lady Barons

BEREA, Ohio – Franciscan University women's lacrosse lost 20-4 in an away match against Baldwin Wallace University.

"We played Baldwin Wallace last year and we have been watching them this year," head coach Maura Conant said. "They have improved by leaps and bounds. I knew it was going to be tough and that we would want to use this as a learning opportunity but I would have like it to be a bit better."

The Lady Barons came out under the understanding that their opponents would be challenging, and the first half proved difficult. Aside from sophomore Tracy McClelland's fast break and goal to tie the game at 1-1, FUS had little success.

Franciscan went into the second half down 15-1.

"It is discouraging to be down at the half," Conant said. "We obviously knew we were out of it to win it so we decided to choose how to play it. We were able to decide how to play our game."

The second half of the game showed improvement from FUS. Baldwin Wallace was only able to score five additional goals and the Lady Barons came back with three.

Sophomore Lauren Noce contributed two unassisted goals. The third goal came from sophomore Shannon Root with an assist from junior Magdalena Munoz.

Conant said she saw two major strengths on the field during play. The first was Franciscan's ability to gain possession of the ball. The second was freshman Savannah Ruhe, the goalie.

"The game was run by our goalie," Conant said. "She made 20 saves and some of them were incredible."

Conant also noted that the Lady Barons' draw controls were comparatively decent, with Baldwin Wallace having 10 and FUS having only 15. Franciscan's major downfalls came in turnovers and leaving sticks unprotected. FUS had 39 turnovers.

"We got the ball checked out of our sticks for the majority of our turnovers," Conant said. "We left our sticks unprotected and they were a very good checking team. Our turnovers really killed us, we had double theirs."

Conant said she was happy with the statistics from the second half of the game, as they were much improved from the first, but she would have liked better play in the day's game. The Lady Barons will work continue to work on the stick handling skills and prevention of turnovers.

Franciscan University women's lacrosse plays next on March 29 at 12:30 p.m. against Capital University.